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Ignite the Soul // Las Vegas Portraits

Kelly Marie Photography

Cody Canyon, of Ignite the Soul, is inspiring others with his music, his holistic nutrition, and his positive outlook on life. In 2012, he woke up in the middle of the night with a melody in his head. Cody recognized that this melody was something he needed to capture, and so lieu of sleep, he opened GarageBand and did just that. His passion for music has evolved into a career.

“Ignite the Soul is cinematic, orchestral music made with the purpose to inspire you to be the best version of yourself; to look inside and find the hero within you. It is music made to motivate, to ignite the very foundations of your soul and launch you to new heights; to ascend beyond your limitations. I write this music to send a positive and life bringing message across the world. In order to have positive change in the world…

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My Experience in a ‘Shithole’

Greg Ux

January 12, 2018 marks the 8 year anniversary of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hitting the Caribbean country of Haiti.

MLK 55 years ago and Martin is still forced to stop at dreaming

It also marks the one day anniversary of President Donald J. Trump asking why “we” would want so many immigrants from places like Haiti, El Salvador and African countries – “shithole” countries as he put it – and would instead prefer we open our arms to those from industrialized Western European nations, such as Norway. It goes without saying that the majority of these “undesirables” are of a different complexion than the President, lending further clout to the notion that his incendiary and supremacist rhetoric comes from a place of unabashed bigotry, specifically meant to tickle the conscience of around 33% of Americans.

Ignoring the ever-growing list of negative things one could posit about Mr. Trump, backed by…

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I’m going back to Africa, and I want you to come with..

Greg Ux

DSC_0555Mark your calendar. 

March 6-16, 2018 I will be returning to visit my friends at Lugacraft Uganda, and I want you to come with me. Details below.

Destination Itinerary:

Tuesday March 6
Early afternoon commuter flight on Delta from BOS > NYC
630pm direct flight to Cairo on Egypt Air

Wednesday March 7
Arrive in Cairo and taxi to hotel in Tahrir Square.

Thursday March 8
945pm flight to Entebbe, Uganda on Egypt Air

Friday March 9
Early morning arrival in Uganda, taxi to hotel in Kampala

Saturday March 10
Review lesson plans and what to expect
Hire car to travel to Lugazi town, 40km east of Kampala

Sunday March 11-Thursday March 15
Day to day activities (more below)

Friday March 16
415am flight on Egypt Air (one brief stop in Cairo)
Evening commuter flight NYC > BOS

What will we be doing?


No international trip would be complete…

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Model Jake Jensen and the beach are one – Shots by Ivan Avila

Fashionably Male

Hello to Jake Jensen once again now working with photographer Ivan Avila at El Matador Beach, CA. The paradisiac beach connects right through Jake’s like they were one team.

Jake is a model and actor from Utah currently based in LA. On his resume, Jake’s including splendid work from Bruce Weber, Paul Reitz, KJ Heath among others.

Ivan jumps back and forth and right in the middle, to get the best frame, the lighting is fabulous, making Jake’s skin glowing around the shore.

El Matador beach in California makes the perfect escenario to do this kind of work.


Jake is focusing on booking TV and film roles. Check out his page and follow. And don’t miss his work here.

Check latest work from Ivan Avila here.

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Cozy Holiday Dressing… with Trask!

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all! I hope you get to spend some time with family over this season, I sure am. I’m in Park City with my family this week skiing and boarding (trying to avoid catastrophic injuries) and enjoying being together. When family gets together and you have the inevitable mornings and snuggly evenings together, many times people overlook their feet. Yeah yeah you’ve got the top half covered, whether it be a cozy sweater or long t-shirt, and the bottom half adorned with sweatpants or something like it… BUT DON’T FORGET YOUR FEET PEOPLE! Your toes will thank you, plus who wants the grime from their house all up on the bottom of their feet? Uhhh not me.


Four Christmases ago I got my dad a pair of slippers that he wears ALL THE TIME. I’m talking ALL THE TIME. He legitimately told me yesterday, if I…

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